Mentoring Nature Connections

“Don’t just tell children about the world, show them.” Penny Whitehouse

Why is the connection with nature so important?

It has been well researched that the more time we spend outdoors, the more likely we are to develop positive and meaningful relationships with nature. 

Balance with Screen Time

Kids these days are on the screen more than they ever have been before. Spending time outdoors is a refreshing change of atmosphere! 

Families are Over-Scheduled

It seems to happen in the blink of an eye! We have a birthday party, gymnastics class, music lessons. Our life is fast-paced! Spending a few quiet, calm moments in nature helps reset our system. 

Valuing Play Time

My priority as a mom and as a teacher will always be PLAY. Watch, observe, and reflect on how and what your children are playing with. Their curiosities and passions are what will guide our adventures!

How I can help get your kids outdoors?


Both in-person or online options available


The Mentoring Nature Connections podcast has been interviewing educators from across North America and beyond!

Children's Picture Book

Me and My Sit Spot is an inspiring tale about how important it is to find a special place in nature where we can connect with ourselves and with the natural world. 

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