Seasonal Prompts

Here are some resources that might guide our thinking and help document the changes that we may observe throughout the year.


Nature Connections at your Sit Spot

This is an open-ended structure to guide your observations: What can you see from your sit spot?


Nature Connections at your Sit Spot

Look all around your sit spot. How are the things around you connected to each other?


Story Walk

Where can you find stories on your walk?


Cloud Observations

Over the course of a week, let’s observe and track patterns in clouds. Colour? Shape? What else do we notice?


Winter Tracking

Winter is a great time of year to practice the art of questioning. Let’s go on a nature walk to look for tracks and ask some wonder questions.


Observational Changes Chart

This is an example of how we observed seasonal changes over the course of 3 months. How did the trees change? The leaves? The sky?

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