Sit Spot

When we visit a space often, our relationship and connection with nature deepens. 

Me and My Sit Spot

The French version of Me and My Sit Spot is now available!

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“I read this book to my Kindergarten students this morning in the forest and then each child chose their own sit spot. We have been working on SEL and it was a perfect tool to scaffold their learning. The author language was graceful and the children loved the illustrations. I am beyond grateful that Lauren published this book and that we chose to read it in the forest!!!”

Liz McCaw

Love love love this book! A great read-aloud for students as an introduction to sit spots or revisit this book often to deepen students’ connections to land! An excellent read for all children and adults – it has the perfect balance of interesting pictures, nature facts, and provocation questions to get you thinking & wondering! Highly recommend you adding this to your library collection!”

April Pikkarainen

Received your wonderful (and exceptionally well-wrapped book) and found it delightful. Such an ambitious project, to explain the importance of kids finding a place in nature to centre themselves and study their thoughts in real time. As a consistent meditator, I found its message so powerful.I know a first book is such a thrill.  Thanks so much for sharing Me and My Sit Spot.

Mike Ulmer

Wonder Wagon Ideas

If you’re looking resources to add to your wonder wagons or ‘Go-Bags’ … here are a few ideas to get you started:

~Me and My Sit Spot book

~Nature Journals

~Field Guides (local birds, plants, flowers, mushrooms, etc)

~magnifying glasses

~mirrors (to safely look underneath mushrooms without touching them)

~measuring tools (string)

Get In Touch

Check back soon for more updates on when the ‘Teacher Guide’ for Sit Spots will be released!