If your school or school district is looking for ways to implement outdoor learning into your weekly or daily routine, reach out to find out how we can make that happen.

Nature Classrooms 101

If you’re looking for easy and simple ways to take your learners outdoors, let’s start by exploring some nature routines that will help your first experienes be positive ones! How do we scaffold the learning? Where could we set up different activities? Let’s explore a wide range of activities that are based from our curricular competencies. 

Social-Emotional Learning in Nature

I can’t think of a better environment to practice and nurture our social-emotional skills than when we are outdoors. Let’s take a look at the SEL facets (relationship skills, self-management, etc) and how we can infuse and develop those competencies while we are exploring in nature. 

Bird Identification and Bird Language

Learning about our local birds are one of the safest activities we can engage in with our students. We can learn so much about them and about our environment by watching them. Let’s look at a few of our most common birds and explore how we might scaffold our inquiry and learning experiences throughout the seasons. 

“Lauren was very passionate and energetic during her workshop. I learned several new nature-based activities that contribute to social-emotional development, and I can’t wait to put these new ideas into practice!”

Surrey CCRR Attendee

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